「Library Lovers' Nagasaki」とは、長崎の大学図書館を盛り上げるために、長崎県内の国公私立大学図書館が合同で行うキャンペーンです。長崎の大学生に、もっともっと「大学図書館」を、そして「長崎」を好きになってもらうために、楽しいイベントを企画していきますので、みなさん一緒に盛り上がりましょう!

Library Lovers' Nagasaki (English)

“Library Lovers' Nagasaki” has started in 2016 in Nagasaki, following the "Library Lovers'campaign". "Library Lovers' campaign" was a campaign held in the university libraries of Kyushu area from the years 2010 to 2015.

To express the sea surrounding Nagasaki, we chose a beautiful pale blue color for our logotype. In the first letter "L" you can see the shape of "Dejima" the most famous island in Nagasaki.

This campaign will be held every year in autumn during 「読書週間」(dokusyo shukan), which means "weeks for reading books". 「読書週間」starts from October 27 to November 9, so the campaign will include these days, and it will be going on for 26days. We are going to plan fun games for you to join in, so let's enjoy this event together!

“Library Lovers' Nagasaki” をどうぞよろしくお願いします!

He is the official character of this campaign. He is a librarian.
On his Dejima shaped face, a flag of the Netherlands is waving.
You cannot see his mouth because he is very quiet. His eyebrows are shaped like the “Spectacle bridge”, which is famous sightseeing spot in Nagasaki.
If you look at them closely, you will find a heart shaped piece. 
Maybe your love will come true by touching the piece. 


An inhabitant of "the forest of books"(the library).
In the 2016 game project “Get back Omagaries’ names!”, their names were stolen by a witch.
Many students joined the game to help "Omagaries", and fortunately, all of them got their names back.
They protect “the forest of books” in peace now.

名前なが(NAGA)さき(SAKI)らいぶ(LIB)ラリー(RALLY)らぶ (LOVE)♡
性格He likes to stay in the sun light but he doesn’t like books to be tanned.
He protects the area for Nagasaki books.
You can borrow his glasses, but don't forget to return them on his head.

She is an active girl, and good at searching books.
She likes to look through Nagasaki’s local Magazines and plan for lunch.
She is mixed with an unusual type of cat called manx.

He is known as a walking dictionary. “Japan Knowledge” is his rival.
The alarm on his collar goes off if you take him out of the library.
He wants to be an assistant of Dejima-kun.
To be a global cat, he studies TOEIC with his exercise book and CDs.
His dream is to order Sasebo burger in English.
He likes to watch musical movies.

Although he is a male cat, he 
works out to be chosen for "Miss. universe".
He likes to put bound journals on his head. If you touch his heart shaped pattern on his back, you might get a luck for love.

ひめ課長(Manager Hime)

She is Dejima-Kun‘s boss, and born in a noble family in Hirado.

No one knows her age, her favorite phrase is Gokigenyo.